Ewe Embryonic Essence (8x20ml)


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Mô tả sản phẩm

Why human will grow old? It because the cells in humans grow, division and reproduce continously. Most of the cells completed around 30 years. After 30 years, the cells can maintain in good condition if can supply necessary nucleic acid. But, once the nucleic acid supply not enough, new cells cannot be produced and old cells unable to remove out from human body, humans will begin to frow older. Many movie stars and models take injection of placenta extracts in Switzerland. The cost is about US$20,000, Eight injections are given in two days. After the injections, the effect is dramatic… suddenly they look much younger than their age. Ewe Embrynoic Essence is also have the same effects. It contains a variety of active elements, such as nucleic acid (DNA and RNA), amino acid and organic phosphate compound and an active substance, vitamin X called by medical expert, which has a lot of magical efficacy: improving elasticity of collagen and fibrin, activating tissue proliferation and enhancing cell’s aerobic capcity, increasing the capacity of cell ability, stimulating mitochondria proliferation while varying its shape, enhancing the membrance osmosis, improving the microcirculation, reducing cholesterol from blood, activation hormone endocrine system, especially adrenal and reproductive glands, enhancing DNA replicate energy. Its efficacy of enhancing people’s health. It has no any side effect while greatly enhancing human immunity and resistance to illness, invigorating human energy. The ewe embryonic essence is carefully chosen from the grassland of above 3,800 metres sea level in cold weather and with pollution free air. With this environment, the land and grass is well ferterlised to feed the good variety of ewe (sheep). So, Decosmet Ewe Embryonic Essence is a pure natural protein extrtacted from this good variety of ewe placenta cells which is less than three months old. It contains more than 20 kinds of amino acid (especially 8 essential amino acids for human), polypeptide, protein, trace-elements and vitamin X. Ewe Embryonic Essence is a highly effective all round wholestone tonic, its funtion of enhance immunity have been appealing to and praised by medical experts the world over. It has actually become a vogue in consuming ewe embryonic products among the health care public.


Ewe embryonic has been used as Chinese Medicine for over 1,400 years. It is a very valuable medicine with a wide range of benefits. The main benefit is stopping the aging process and improving the figure of the body.
In 1912, Nobel pize winter, Professor Prizer from Switzerland, came up with concept of using ewe embryo as live cell treatment. He stated that live cells contained in ewe embryo possessed counter-aging and beauty effects.
In 1931, Dr Niehans further proved that live cells in ewe embryo possed revitalizing and activation characteristics, and he succeeded in introducing “live cell treatment” techniques.
In 1943, a Professor at the Gynecology Reasearch Laboratory of Kyoto University Medicine School extracted the ingredients of ewe embryo. He called it Vita-X.
In a study with rats wich have a 30% death rate at 12 months., Dr. Barnard found that the death rate of rat with took placenta decreased to 3% at 12 months.
One excellent formula is Ewe Placenta which is best of the animal kingdom.

It is refined by modern technology, rich in active nutrients. It contains more than 20 amino acids ( 8 of which are essential to humans) and is rich in proteins, polypeptides, micro- elements and other organic substances. It is beliveved that it help raise one’s immunity, blood circulation, reconstruct skin, clear up month- patches, regenerate the old and aslo helps reduce blood viscosity, cholesterol and aging.

Youth and beauty

– Improves the look of skin.
– Enhances the development of the breasts
– Eliminates acne
Blood and hormones
– Eliminates menstrual pain
– Regulates menstrual periods.
– Enhances the production of blood, treats anemia
– Eliminates problems associated with menopause
– Balances the hormones
– Treats infertilily and sterility (both male and female)
– Stimulates the production of milk in mothers.
– Speeds up recovery aftern giving birth
Male diseases
– Increase sperm production
– Treats impotence
– mproves sexual responsiveness
General health
– Eliminates fatigue
– Helps to improve the ability to fight diseases力
Injuries and tissue damage
– Stimulates the regeneration of cells and tissues
– Speed up the healing of wounds
– Speed up recovery after surgery
– Speed up recovery after an illness
The nervous system
– Regulates and mormalizes the autonomic nervous system
– Treats neurasthenia.
– Eliminates the inflammation of nerves
– Eliminates asthma
– Suppresses cough and mucus
– Treats tubercolosis
– Eliminates liver problems
– Treats gastrointestinal disorders
– Reduces the harmful effects of radiation
– Eliminates rheumatoid arthritis

Functions: Invigorating the kidney to benefit the essence, invigorating inner strength to benfit blood, nourishing the liver to benefit the eye, improving immunological competence.

Side effects: Oral intake embryonic essence is safe and free from side effects.

Most of the people was very worried about the disease of the animals will direct infected to human. The Medical Scientists in USA and Switzerland already proved that most of the animals can be infected directly except the ewe/sheep. Therefore, it is safe to intake this ewe embyronic essence.

Appication and Dosage: Once a day (every moring or evening). 1 bottle per time for an empty stomach, a 24 days periods of treatment, showing effect after two periods of treatment.