Face Treatment Essential (2x7ml)


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“Cell oxidization” is the root of aging be it aging of the skin or organs, as well as age-related diseases. Cell oxidization damages cells in the human body. Our cells are always at risk of cell oxidization. The newest health revolution of the 21st century: Anti-cell oxidization formulation – Switzerland’s Decosmet.

Ewe Embryonic Essence– has shown to delay and reduce cell oxidization.
Cellule absorption into the body is as high as 95%. This formulation, once ingested, is not destroyed by gastric juices. It contains Hydroxy proline hyp selenium, organic minerals, and anti-cell oxidization nutrition to remove oxides in the body and produce anti-oxidization in the cells.

Decosmet 100% Ewe Embryonic Essence
Before your skin gets a minute older
Used as a quality skin care regimen, it diminishes anti wrinkle, tightens pores and firming in just five minutes, prevents pigmentation problems and freckles.

Decosmet Ewe Embryonic Essencecontains 100% pure natural ewe placenta cells which contains anti-aging nutrients. Fully compliant to international safety standards, its quick and unique properties helps activates cell revitalization, improves immune system, encourages metabolic activity, refreshes skin, enhances skin elasticity, tightens pores, diminishes wrinkles and facial lines, and promotes skin pliability smoothness. By enhancing the skin’s dermis structure, ensures the skin is taut and smooth to give you a better appearance and confident self-image.

Decosmet Ewe Embryonic Essence, which has undergone extensive continuous research in Switzerland, makes every woman’s dream come true. It presents to the world the youthful appearance that every woman desires. It contains protein to provide the needed skin nutrition and promotes skin elasticity and smoothness, thus giving the skin a youthful appearance. By diminishing facial lines and wrinkles, beauty of youthful skin is achieved.

Clinical tests prove nutritious
a) Quickly diminishes black pigmentation, promotes youthful and taut skin
b) Tightening pores
c) Thoroughly diminishes blackheads and whiteheads and restores skin’s moisture and nutrients
d) Enhances skin elasticity and promotes the healing of scars
e) Wrinkles are less noticeable and skin looks younger, smoother and more radiant