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Set up in 1983, it is in the heart of the Swiss Riviera, away from polluted and great urban centers, between the mountains and the lake, that Decosmet Biocosmetiques is located. Decosmet Biocosmetiques products for the care, hygiene and comfort of the face and body are developed, manufactured and packaged in this site. . Sophisticated and avant-garde skincare products are designed for perfumeries, chemists, herbalists, beauty salon and spa in harmony with nature and precious traditions. Decosmet Biocosmetiques responding to the continually changing challenging requirements of the consumers. The R&D laboratory with its pilot unit forms the heart of Decosmet Biocosmetiques, it is in his department that skilled cosmetologists develop and customize skincare products for a world-wide clientele responding to the most advanced and innovative criteria of the cosmetic field.